• Friday, March 31, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

It has been quite few months ago Ginger Chevalier - Absolut Creation, Eve'olution released its Bento Mesh heads, 18th and 20th of December 2016 to be exact for Eve and Adam.

As for me, a few hours ago, I caught a glimpse of  Eve'olution head beta4b Bento. I must admit that I was excited when I get my fingers on keyboard as finally I got what I wanted for, an Asian face, aside from my European classic look.

When I wear the head, I only made an adjustment on Chin / Chin Depth to 50, the rest as is. Maybe I got an  Asian face long time ago after all. I simply want to go through all of it on its basic look and I did not have any problem when I looked at it, all I did was click clear all the Eyeliner, Eyelashes, Eyeshadow, Lipstic - the way you can see the menu on the photo on its Main HUD, then I clicked on the Freckles also to add a bit of close to real face. I loaded on the Bento Animation HUD clicked on the last one "smiling" face, to pump up my pure joy on this Eve'olution Bento head. Using a Bento enabled viewer, where you checked the Advanced Lightning Model, even on lowest Graphics settings.

In the photo you can see the Main menu HUD, Skin options, on right side, selecting the middle skin color to get a tan. Next photo is the Make Up options where on lower left part is the Bento Animation HUD. What more can I say, except I love this creation as it is only L$825, 50% off at Marketplace. Better to get one now.

Captivating Asian Love

Hair- Argrace Minami with Cowboy Hat
Mesh Head- Ginger Chevalie Absolut Creation Eve'olution head beta4 Bento
Dress- ENERTIA | Suzannah Dress

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