• Thursday, March 30, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

ENERTIA, one of Second Life fashion couture, recently accepted over a hundred bloggers.
It is overflowing of Women empowerment to spread the best of ENERTIA. Not to mention its other shop right on same location called MEH is for home interior and exterior decorations. Well that is another post. But I want to give you a preview of what is MEH - Mesh Decor at this site https://alteregotoxxic.wordpress.com/

To start with, allow me to present its new releases, and gifts. In full.. one by one accordingly. Please see the Link or underlined items to a DEMO and detailed description of the product.

💟 ENERTIA | Candice Top - New Release (4 groups, total 100 of textures to select from)
💟 ENERTIA | Suzannah Dress (red stripes) in 104 textures + Ibiza Platform Heels
💟 ENERTIA | Spicy Top (SL Frees & Offers Group Gift also)
💟 ENERTIA | Bali Swimsuit (3 textures) and
+ ENERTIA | Ibiza Platform Heels (2 groups, 64 all textures)
💟 ENERTIA | Ibiza Platform Heels - New Release (2 groups, total 64 of textures to select)
Gentleness Misty Dew at Bare Back In the move at Foxcity
Bloom with Smile ;)

For the Hair, Body, Head, Pose
CocoX - Ti Amo, Maitreya Lara Body, Catwa - Amy Head, Glitter Poses - Back Serie 1

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