• Sunday, April 02, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

Most of you always wonder what is it in Bento Mesh head, and what is the euphoria about it. It is all the smiles, the frown or a smirk that your face can show of, and all those missing things that are on the face.

Your avatar can do all the Animation Override, but what about its face, the entirety of head. That is where Bento Mesh head comes to life. And Ginger Chivalier of Absolut Creation comes just in time to give us a better view of what is Bento Mesh head on Adam Mesh body.

Possibly a lot had been thinking what it would be on a Bento, what are the head measurements, could it be possible to modify it. Simply YES. For me I wear it with no adjustments when I took the guy with an owl on New Avatar at Second Life. Yet if we try to fiddle on the head shape, we can see that you can adjust or get an slider function on Adam's Bento Mesh head, to make its best face look to your likes, on the proportions you want it to be. Just make sure that you are using a Bento enable viewer.

You can have a glance at sliders on Head shape, its Marketplace details more on its description. Adding to it are the vastness of Adam Mesh head HUD menu and Adam Bento head animations in loop and face expressions which are on the photos below. And it is upgrade for life.

I attached the Emrys, guy with an owl on shoulder, transformation as a last photo where I truly admire the creation of Adam Mesh body and Adam Bento Mesh head by Ginger Chivalier of Absolut Creation.. guaranteed total quality Adam Mesh body and Bento Mesh head.

Body- Adam Mesh body by Ginger Chevalier of Absolut Creation
Bento Head- Adam Bento Mesh head by Ginger Chevalier of Absolut Creation

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