• Friday, March 31, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

"The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express." - Francis Bacon (Artist, 1909 - 1992)

In Second Life, Ginger Chevalier - Absolut Creation, Eve'olution made a big step on creating a Mesh body with mesh hands and feet connected as one. It was first made on November 7, 2014 on Copyright. She never stop developing it to become one if not the best of all Mesh body ever made in Second Life.

Allow me to show you the new generation Eve'olution Slim Mesh body, the other one is Pulpy in Full Box on Marketplace, with its fully refined beauty minus front look which remains up to your limitless imagination. Yet let me give justice that even glancing on the entire body and elegance, you will be filled full open-mouthed. I made a four turns and shot, also its basic Body Menu/s HUD, no special body skin additives - all plain HUD skins. Wearing New Release the latest Eve'olution Bento - Mesh head on this photo.. my Asian shape beauty.
Eve.. risen and spread Beauty (raw)

Hair- Argrace Minami with Cowboy Hat
Mesh Head- Eve'olution Bento Mesh Head
Mesh Body- Eve'olution Eve Slim Mesh body
Pose- Glitter Pose Back Serie - 1

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