• Sunday, April 02, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

The best gift you are ever going to give someone- the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough. - Hannah Brencher

The quote feels it is etched deep in the hearts of every creator, every maker at Second Life, one personality like Ginger Chevalier of Absolut Creation dreams of constructing a Mesh body and Mesh head for Eve and Adam figures at Second Life world.

The highly detail, specific to minute step by step, precise execution of scripts, to every process of giving us a better, if not the only best Mesh body in Adam's, is concept beyond compare for Ginger Chevalier. For one, is the creation of Adam Menu HUD, a simple yet amazingly all in one menu, seen in Marketplace parts of the menu.

And my experience with Adam is full of admiration. I selected Second Life's Emrys personality on New Avatars. The guy with the owl on his shoulder. He is simply just like any other guy in the street I thought of if I will remove everything attached on it, I said. But when I replaced the body, its head, shape, it is much more profound body than I could ever imagined of, a pure state intense quality totally made by Ginger Chevalier.

First photo I made Emrys born from its classic body, on Adam Mesh body and Adam Bento Mesh head, yet on its original classic shape. Then I changed the shape using the Adam's provided shape that goes along the package. And wow, the transformation is truly magnificent. Showing you all the body as it looks using the entire Adam's shape on the package, Adam Mesh body, and the added Adam Bento Mesh head -on separate blog post.

I just worn the Mesh body and Bento Mesh head without any glitch, with only the same Emrys classic skin. The feet and hands are all attached to the body. I did not even touch the Bento Mesh head skin adjustment. Effortless. Just a click wear or add, done. And that is from Adam - Absolut Creation.

All the best of Adam only from Ginger Chevalier of Absolut Creation.

This is Adam.. and you.. [raw]

Mesh Body- Adam Mesh Body by Ginger Chevalier, Absolut Creation
Poses- Created and uploaded to Second Life by DAZ3D

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