• Saturday, May 20, 2017
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VIKI at Medieval Faire Event - Unmasking A Cure * Relay For Life
At Brightmore Court - Shopping Area
The palace messenger reads:
"Good Morrow! Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, Lords and Knights, Counts and Countesses, and ALL beauteous persons that hears this. In English tongue shall tell you, come to Medieval Faire opens 19th May to 19th June, full of Frolics, Shopping, Games, Hunts, and more. Everybody are invited. Let us go thither and enjoy the 3rd Annual Medieval Faire of Second Life."

As the entire people hears excitedly, they rush to prepare and go to the event. And one snowy white Princess hears, readies on new dress, made by VIKI, one of her favorite designers in these olden times. She went in the wilderness, riding the horse. Gently she discovers that she arrives in a place with castles and big parks. Gates are open.. slowly she walks in as she glanced at Brightmore Court where the shops are.

Inside she saw a lot of royal clothes hand made by best designers, and a bit showy futuristic dresses, tons of home furnitures, and decorations. The Princess almost lost time then she took a quick run in hunts, on GOTYA, and heard lots of cymbals, guitars, beating sound and singing on the background.
The GOTYA at Medieval Faire

The shouts of joy is unstoppable as she walks faster. Was it from the stadium or from the halls or maybe on the castle. She took her chance to visit the castle on a sign Obstacle Run. She enters the attractive steps up, suddenly the big long gates closed, then floating big hatches crisscrossing along the path. She counted the seconds as it passed swinging to right.. left, there are lots of it. Strongly she was able to pass on. Next was the wooden bridge. But it goes down and back as if swirling. She must jump on it and cross right through. Alas she made it on the wooden bridge, thankful she did not fall on the fiery lava kind of ground. As she continues to go upstairs on the castle.
Medieval Faire's Obstacle Run

It was quite an experience to remember. She will be back another day for the entertainment, frolics and more hunts. As she walks by, she saw that it was a place to help American Cancer Society by Unmasking A Cure (#38) - Relay For Life. She made her legacy, gives and shares her Linden love on the Castle on a place called Medieval Faire. How the Princess wants that everybody will take their time to visit this place over and over, not just on May 19th - June 19th, but support it every year.

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Outfit "The Princess" by VIKI
Female Standing Pose Set by eTc Poses
Catwa-Amy Mesh Head with Truth VIP May gift hair
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body 4.1

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