• Saturday, May 06, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

Dance for the King
Wake In A Smile.. 
The night comes as we go to bed and keep a peaceful mind within us, as we drifted to our lovely sleep. Then we wake up feeling refresh with glee. Feel stress free, be on healthy living, good foods, sleep on time and get a work out, take a walk each day full of smile. That is how life to be day by day.

And then we get to find time on our relaxing moment, to log-in at Second Life.

We give our avatars to evolve into better dressed, quality mesh bodies and heads, and lovely animation moves be at stand still or graceful walk. At Second Life we dwell to find joyful moments best at exploring places, entertainment, hunts, and meeting friends.

In fitting that this year, Unmasking A Cure - Relay For Life Team presents Third Annual Medieval Faire, on May 19 to June 19, 2017 at Second Life. Imagine Medieval time once again at Second Life, as if like Ren - Faire in real time. It is a wholesome event where everybody are invited to enjoy on the sim and find live performances and dee jays sharing their time, talent and treasure to Relay For Life. You can also see fashion designers, furnitures, decor items on sale. All proceeds goes to raise fund to Relay For Life cause.

Never miss this month long action packed event in sports, contests, gatcha garden, tune-in to performances and songs, savor the moments of wearing new clothes on display, mesmerize on decors and furniture items. Let us all support the Medival Faire (http://www.uacmedievalfairerflofsl.com/) to contribute another legacy towards Unmasking A Cure - Relay for Life.

-= Model Zed Card =-
Golden Peacock Dress by .Viki.
Eve body and shape, with Eve'olution Bento Head 

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