• Friday, June 23, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

Daisy Mini Dress-Ombre No.1 by DarkFire
Time to visit safari.. I had been taking a lot of pictures about animals but never been tried to ask where do they came from. Finally I researched about one, elephant breeding at Second Life. These are awesome creatures at Second Life, because the creator of it gave a user free starter pack with 2 males, 4 females, plus 2 feed/ wash sets. It will really give you an idea how to grow them and birth new crate/s of these wonderful elephants in just 10 days all free. You can visit this at Safari Breedables - Second Life and get starter pack. And if you wanted to get great traits of it, I found a friend who supplies them. Ohh if you want one, contact me on Flicker message. :D

Of course this awesome photo of my avatar would not be possible without a great, sexy, attractive dress by DarkFire. Daisy Mini Dress-Ombre No.1 made for mesh bodies of Belleza, Maitreya (experimental) which fits well on my Maitreya, SLINK, and TMP. Best to get one now or take a lot in many colors that you want.. only by DarkFire.


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