• Tuesday, October 31, 2017
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

MAKE YOUR SECOND LIFE homes full of joy, and all smiles!
Going back to time when I applied to blog for PAPER MOON, I first visit the establishment. Stayed quite long browsing every display. Admiring every bit and pieces as my imagination travels of putting them on a house. When I start blogging for PAPER MOON, I see how my bare home at Second Life transform to astounding beauty from the creation made by .

Framed Vintage Halloween Cards - Cats. It is remarkable the photos, creativity of the frame, and shadows. It looks like very real when it is on your wall. And it is not only just Halloween but you can use it to stay on the wall at all times.

Night Tea Sets. Imagine tea sets at Second Life, that is a big wow. Awesome! It is something you would want to have set on your homes, not only at tables at dining room but even on corners or on floors. And it is 12 tea sets on theme colors that you can select or get all.

Seasonal Mats. Every home needs a welcome mats, and these mats captures already a big smile and admiration. It is like seeing a home away from home mats as it greets you on the door step.

That is not all, there are more at PAPER MOON where You can really smile at PAPER MOON and be grateful, full praises of beauty to decorate your homes at Second Life, and maybe gives you an idea too at real life.
LIVING SL from *PaperMoon*
LIVING SL from *PaperMoon*
LIVING SL from *PaperMoon*

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