• Wednesday, November 29, 2017
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POUR ON SMILE as Indulge Temptation gives you another glimpse of joy on your face. And it is no other than the FAE FUN NECKLACE, a Materials Enabled, so you can see it glows and shine with shadows as like real life necklace. On the HUD you can adjust its size to enlarge or reduce. It have 11 gems and 11 beads colors to select, where there are 10 metals option to pick of. This is one where you will surely love to wear at all times. Get it at Designer Circle #167 display or at main store, if in case it passed the event time. The FALLING FOR FALL HEADPIECE is one of a kind that you never want to miss. You can use it at any time, on beauty pageants, social gatherings, special occasions or simply express your true Second Life self. It is shown at discount SWANK November (end of month only), yet you can get it at Main Store after November.

The ENTERTAINER EYES from BANANA BANSHEE, showers that face more beauty with seven (7) colors of eyes to get on for CATWA, Lelutka, Genesis Labs, and Omega Appliers, plus a Mesh eyes also for Classic or System bodies. These eyes looks cool using the bright colors when you are on close-up shots, or darker eyes colors when a bit far or distance shots. These are on display at TWE12VE Event - until November end of Month, and see more at Main Store after then. Surely you will get a big smile on these all!!!

Stores InWorld

Entertainer Eyes @ TWE12VE - November 12 - 30
Hud - 7 eyes colors, on Mesh Eyes, 
includes for Lelutka, Catwa, Genesis Labs, and Omega Appliers

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Maitreya Lara Mesh Body
Catwa Bento - Mesh Head
Make-up by !IT! Indulge Temptation
Glam Affair Pia - Asia Skin
TRUTH Makena Hair

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