• Thursday, February 01, 2018
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Refresh.. Reborn..


IT IS FEBRUARY once again, and V DAY is a few inches day away, love is on the air.. a time of giving and sharing. Why not a Mesh Body to pamper love for yourself, a love one, or a friend. The EVE Fullbox, is one best gift that will put a big smile to everyone.

Wearing EVE Mesh Body - Bento - Slim, EVE Shape and EVE'olution Bento Head

Absolut Creation of Ginger Chevalier released EVE Mesh Body Version 9 on October 18, 2017, the ALL BENTO ready Mesh Body. Tons of updates are on this version, allow me to group this into following:

First is the true Bento hands with poses, animations, and you can create your own poses, then save it. You got twelve (12) slots to save your own hand poses. You do not have to buy a separate hand poses. I said true Bento hands because it you can apply or use all other Bento poses and animations, totally compatible.

Second is all 260 Alpha (last photo - Alpha Menu) to show every bit of body parts at your control to conceal or show it. And an Alpha for the heart also.

Third are update optimization of script/s, and optimization of the complex avatar that loads faster.
Fourth is the new added pussy option menu, where three selections are given. And an option to delete the body script.

Fifth are the shoulder replace and ankle lock which again, you do not have to buy separately because Ginger Chevalier gives it for us, included on this fullbox.

Sixth, the full box give us two Mesh bodies and shapes, Slim/ Pulpy, which are both fully improved, as I tried both on my avatar.

This is the Version that I really love most. I look grand!!! And YOU will surely look beautiful on this Mesh Body, and say THANK YOU Ginger Chevalier.

~my avatar also uses~
Tableu Vivant – Tormentia Hair
Photo on Location at Mystical Fae Forest

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