• Thursday, January 30, 2020
  • By Must Be Best At Secondlife

2020 Comes and what is new..
WE often say 
if only we can have a body molded out of our own "system" bodies
in SecondLife.com not bodies made by Mesh Designers.

And Ginger Chevalier of ABSOLUT CREATION
 gave us one.. EVE CRISTAL.
click this to view it..

Step by Step..
First let us have our own "System" body
 then wear the EVE CRISTAL pack body, and HUD.
Remember I did not use anything except the system body.
And allow me to show you the rest of HUD Menu..
Now let us wear the EVE CRISTAL included
free dress, underwear, and heels,
by removing first the system clothes, and shoes.
That's it!
You can now add beautiful new head/s and hair/s,
by head and eyes alpha if not BOM (Bake On Mesh).
For myself I used my old 
Catwa- Catya Head & Eyes (with alpha)
plus Magika - Victoria Hair.
Also my very own body shape.
The skin (head/ body) can easily be done adjusting tint
of EVE CRISTAL body skin for the mean time.
You can explore the nails.. 
its beautiful form now of fingers and toes.

It truly looks very beautiful
All the Skins on the Menu are all free also.
Next.. let us try to wear other Mesh Bodies Clothes,
Heels and Accessories.
That will be another post.

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